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Tech Support Queries

The Messaging and Email options are only for private queries, especially concerning your account or session on GrahamValue.

a. Instant Messaging

Get Live Support using the Instant Messaging Pop-up at the lower right corner.

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b. Email Support

If the Messaging options above are not working for you, please send an email to for any private or account-related queries.

General Support Queries

Please do not send general queries — regarding Graham or GrahamValue — using the Email or Instant Messaging options above.

Please post general queries by creating a new Topic on the Forums, which allows for reliable tracking and detailed discussions.

About GrahamValue

"If the reason people invest is to make money, then in seeking advice they are asking others to tell them how to make money. That idea has some element of naïveté...

The role of the adviser can be... to protect his clients against mistakes..."

Benjamin Graham, Chapter 10: The Investor and His Advisers, The Intelligent Investor.

GrahamValue does not list antecedents or performance records, specifically for the above reason. They are largely irrelevant. The only relevant credentials are Graham's own; and perhaps to a lesser degree, verifiable user reviews for GrahamValue.

GrahamValue is merely a computational tool for applying Graham's statistical framework. Please use it only for preliminary research and shortlisting. Please verify the rules used against Graham's books, and the data shown against official sources.

Please use the Contact options above for all your queries. Thank you!