SerenityStocks is now GrahamValue

SerenityStocks is now GrahamValue is now Only the name and URL have changed. Everything else is exactly the same.


For nearly ten years, from Jul 2012 to Jan 2022, was run under the project name of

Consequently, you will see this app referred to as Serenity Stocks or Serenity in various places; here on the app, on social media, and on multiple financial portals.

SerenityStocks was always intended to be a simon-pure Graham web app, as can seen from its earliest published articles.


Changing the name to GrahamValue was a difficult decision, as the app appeared over the years to have developed its own identity under the name of Serenity.

However, there is no denying that GrahamValue is the correct name for the app and would be a lot less confusing for those coming across it for the first time.

So here's hoping continues to be as useful to its users as has been all these years.

Logging In

Please note that only the name and URL have changed. Everything else is exactly the same. All previous links will now redirect to

You may have to log in again to use your account.

The passwords will remain the same. But you may have to tell your browser to use the saved passwords, if any, from

Thank you, as always, for your support!


All previous SerenityStocks videos (such as the tutorial below), social media accounts, and URLs have either been renamed — or will now redirect — to GrahamValue.

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