Search vs Classic vs Advanced

Compare the free Graham Analysis Search (Advanced Search included), the free Classic Graham Screener, and the Advanced Graham Screener.

Feature Comparison

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Feature Graham Analysis Search Classic Graham Screener Advanced Graham Screener
Free to use (no sign-up)
Detailed Graham analyses
Unlimited Graham № / NCAV
≈149,000 listed stocks
All 154,000+ listed stocks
Build a Graham portfolio
Customize Graham's rules
Screen by Sector / User
Customizable result display

1. Graham Analysis Search

The Graham Analysis Search is absolutely free, and has no imposed restrictions whatsoever.

The Graham Analysis Search can therefore be used to look up any of all 154,000+ stocks listed in GrahamValue's database.

Full Assessments

The one natural limitation of the Graham Analysis Search is that it cannot be used to generate a list of Graham stocks, but only to look up Graham analyses for individual stocks.

But the Graham analyses themselves are always complete and detailed, regardless of where they were accessed from.

Advanced Search

The Graham Analysis Search includes a powerful Advanced Search which is completely free as well.

2. Classic Graham Screener

The Classic Graham Screener is completely free as well, but limits Intrinsic Values to 70%.

∝ Interest Rates

An Intrinsic Value of 70% on GrahamValue corresponds to a 10-year AA Corporate Bond Yield of 3.3% in the U.S.

∞ Graham № and NCAV

The Classic Graham Screener does not limit ungraded Graham Numbers and NCAV figures.

So stocks with Graham Numbers and NCAV figures exceeding 70% can always be detected by the Classic Graham Screener, except in the rare case that the stock also clears all the qualitative criteria for that specific grade and therefore has an actual Intrinsic Value greater than 70%.

The Classic Graham Screener therefore lets one screen ≈149,000 stocks, but not stocks with Intrinsic Values exceeding 70%; i.e., not the top ≈5,000 stocks (≈3.5%) in its database.

Note: The exact number of such premium stocks in existence depends on prevailing market levels, and can be listed using the filters given at the end of this page.

Full Qualitative Portfolio

The Classic Graham Screener can therefore be used to build a portfolio of stocks that clear all of Graham's qualitative rules, and are also very close to clearing Graham's quantitative rules.

In fact, depending on the Interest Rates in one's economy, the screener may display some stocks exceeding Graham's quantitative requirements as well.

3. Advanced Graham Screener

The Advanced Graham Screener has absolutely no restrictions, and is the most powerful tool available on GrahamValue.

But it costs a small one-time fee to use.

Premium Features

a. Customize Rules

The Advanced Graham Screener allows one to combine any of the preset Graham rule-sets, with up to eleven additional filters.

This allows for advanced Graham strategies, such as customizing the Defensive Graham rules to screen for Utilities and Financials.

b. View More Data

The Advanced Graham Screener also allows one to sort by seven additional fields per stock, and up to a hundred stocks per page.

This gives one better insight into an entire potential portfolio, at a single glance.

c. Screen All Stocks

Lastly, the Advanced Graham Screener allows an unrestricted comparison of all 154,000+ stocks in GrahamValue's database.

The Advanced Graham Screener allows one to screen by sector as well.

Premium Stocks

Use the filters below to see how many stocks with Intrinsic Values exceeding 70% — exclusive to the Advanced Graham Screener — are available for your exchanges.

These lists only include analyses with Fiscal Years falling within the current or previous years. Older analyses may show up on the screeners, but are not counted here.

Utilities and Financials

Graham Grade Stocks
Defensive 1

Industrials and Other

Graham Grade Stocks
Defensive 1
Enterprising 19
NCAV (Net-Net) 9