Classic Benjamin Graham Stock Screener

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This list scrolls horizontally on narrow screens. Automated data by Finnhub. Intrinsic Value limited to 70%. Graham Number and NCAV not limited.
Company Name MIC HQ Fiscal Year Last Updated Curr Code Previous Close Graham Number Graham Number(%) NCAV/ NetNet NCAV/ NetNet(%) Graham Grade Intrinsic Value Intrinsic Value(%)
61 Qatari Investors Group QPSC (QIGD.QA) DSMD QA 2021-12-31 2 days ago QAR 1.79 2.47 138.20% 0.00 0.00% Ungraded 0.00 0.00%
62 Commercial Bank PSQC (CBQK.QA) DSMD QA 2022-12-31 2 days ago QAR 5.97 8.11 135.86% 0.00 0.00% Ungraded 0.00 0.00%