what numbers should i put for enterprising?

Good evening Serenity team,

i have renewed my subscription and i wanted to use some of my profits gained to hunt for some enterprising stocks listed on the US stock exchange. Only problem is i am so confused as to how to use the criterias in the advanced screener. How can i type the numbers needed to get true enterprising stocks? or do i simply keep intrinsic value at 70% and punch in enterprising on the left hand side and thats it? thanks.

Dear gonny17,

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Your guess above is correct. You simply have to set the following filters.

Intrinsic Value(%) ≥ 70%
Graham Grade Enterprising

This can easily be done using the screener links in the Quick Reference. Please note that Intrinsic Value(%) may need to be adjusted further for current Interest Rates (also has screener links).

Thank you again for your forum post!

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