Interpreting FAQ

I have a question regarding the following part of the FAQ:

"Can I invest based solely on GrahamValue's screeners?
Filtering by automated statistical or quantitative analysis is only the first step of the investment research process.

When multiple complex and autonomous informational systems are interfacing with one another — for providing data, extracting analyses, processing payments and so on — there is always some room for the occasional technical error to creep in.

This is why it's imperative that one always do one's personal due diligence — and verify shortlisted stocks oneself — before making a final investment decision."

Does this mean that the most safe way is to perform the calculations myself as well, or it means that you recommend additional analysis?

Thank you in advance!

Dear andrasszalaidr,

Thank you for your forum post!

GrahamValue strongly recommends that users read the disclaimer which is present on the footer of all pages.

All analyses by GrahamValue are automated. The calculations themselves are therefore unlikely to be incorrect. But there is always room for some data error in relation to circumstances such as recent stock splits, network issues with the data provider, data format differences in foreign stocks and so on. None of the analyses by GrahamValue have been vetted by a human eye.

GrahamValue simply applies Graham's rules to the financial data provided by its data provider, and displays the results. GrahamValue makes no explicit buy or sell recommendations. GrahamValue therefore recommends that all users verify shortlisted stocks personally before any actual investment operations.

Thank you again for your forum post!