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Thank you in advance for answering these questions.

I have noticed that sometimes screeners will produce stocks with "Analysts" other than "Serenity"; either "Anonymous" or some random initials.

For example, currently, on Defensive Screen for USA, the top intrinsic value % leader is HA (Hawaiian Holdings Inc).
If you compare financials with current numbers, they are way off, in fact this company is now losing money and not paying a dividend among other issues.
If you look at the detail on Serenity, you will see that it was "Submitted by Anonymous. Created on Tuesday 26th May 2020. Updated on Tuesday 26th May 2020"; data that is almost 2 years old.

Questions: 1) who is anonymous and why should we believe them, and 2) is there anyway to screen out this old data other than ONLY screening for Serenity?

Thanks again.

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Hawaiian Holdings Inc (HA)

Dear BobT,

Thank you for your forum post!

Anyone can analyze a new stock on Serenity, or redo any existing analysis such as the one for Hawaiian Holdings Inc (HA).

But such analyses are clearly marked as having not been done by Serenity, and can be filtered out on the Advanced Graham Screener. The Classic Graham Screener only shows Serenity's analyses anyway.

Such third-party analyses are only shown as an additional feature, in case they include stocks — or any additional insights — not covered by Serenity's data provider.

In addition to the Analyst filter on the Advanced Graham Screener, the screeners also display the Fiscal Year and Last Updated fields for each stock. These fields can be used for sorting, and to ignore outdated analyses.

Thank you again for your forum post!

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